A very pretty song from one of my favorite people wandering the Twin Cities. A special, rare track from my pal Corey Lawson of MunQs

Song of the day is “It Weighs” by Corey Lawson. 

And hey, be sure to check out MunQs here. Cause like, it’s some pretty good stuff, yo. 

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A write up on the Boy XM


This was a rad little write up on my good friend Xavier Marquis. 

Now I will admit that immediately after reading this I got a bit P.O.ed due to the fact that
I was edited out of the childhood memory when Xavier, Dom (Dearling Physique), myself and our friend Chris Wilkins, preformed ‘Candy Rain’ at our talent show.

This was a major moment in my formative years. And to be skipped over was a slap in the face. But as far as the City Pages are concerned, I’m still an unknown in this city’s music scene, so I can’t necessarily be mad at em for sticking to the relevant information of the interview. 

So a week later I’ve gotten over my own ego (persistant little fucker that he is) so that I can be proud of the well-deserved attention my friend’s are getting.

And whose to say I can’t snub CP once I’m actually worth their time. ;)

Keep your heads up kids. 

It’s all that will get you through. 



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A little Munqs everyday keeps the boredom away.

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Momentary Sanity. Episode 2. 7th Street Entry (First Avenue). Dope.

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weighs on the mind // munqs

FREE album download: here

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