Dearling Physique - “Terrible Mind” feat Xavier Marquis

2 years ago

A write up on the Boy XM


This was a rad little write up on my good friend Xavier Marquis. 

Now I will admit that immediately after reading this I got a bit P.O.ed due to the fact that
I was edited out of the childhood memory when Xavier, Dom (Dearling Physique), myself and our friend Chris Wilkins, preformed ‘Candy Rain’ at our talent show.

This was a major moment in my formative years. And to be skipped over was a slap in the face. But as far as the City Pages are concerned, I’m still an unknown in this city’s music scene, so I can’t necessarily be mad at em for sticking to the relevant information of the interview. 

So a week later I’ve gotten over my own ego (persistant little fucker that he is) so that I can be proud of the well-deserved attention my friend’s are getting.

And whose to say I can’t snub CP once I’m actually worth their time. ;)

Keep your heads up kids. 

It’s all that will get you through. 



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Young Xavier Marquis and the legendary Reggie Rose.

3 years ago

Momentary Sanity. Episode 2. 7th Street Entry (First Avenue). Dope.

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